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Search Tips

Using Jobvista is similar to using Google™ or Bing™ but rather than searching for websites you are searching for only jobs. You can quickly search for jobs from any page as follows:

  • Type words into the box marked 'Type Keywords' that describe the kind of job you are looking for, such as a job title or skills;
  • Type into the box marked 'Type Location' the postcode, city, or county (e.g., Leeds, West Yorkshire) where you want to find a job.
  • Then click the 'Find Jobs' button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

search tip1

Jobs will be returned that match your keywords and the location you specify. If you enter two or more keywords, it will return only those jobs that contain ALL your words (you don't have to include 'and' between the words).


Searches are not case sensitive so it makes no difference whether you enter upper or lower case letters - e.g. "sales manager" will give you the same results as "Sales Manager".


Some names and phrases are better known by their abbreviations than their full forms. Try using both in order to make sure you don't miss any jobs.

Company Names

You can search jobs by company names using the @ sign. For example @Google will list all jobs from Google, @NHS will list all NHS jobs etc.

search tip2

Narrowing Your Search

If your search returns a large number of jobs, there are number of things you can do. Firstly, using the filter links in the left hand column you can refine your search. Click on the filter links that match closely to what you are looking for. For example you might only be interested in ALL permanent jobs.

Alternatively, try adding more terms to the 'Type Keywords' input box and search again. Also, don't forget to use the 'Type Location' box with your postcode, city or county.

Another unique feature we have is to search for jobs within certain sectors such as "Accountancy", "Banking" or "IT & Internet". This is because Jobvista uses advanced algorithms to categorise and rank jobs so it returns better and more relevant search results. In order to use this feature simply type into the box marked 'Type Keywords' using square brackets "[" sector id "]" followed by your keywords. For example:

search tip3

[4] Finance Director

This will search for "Finance Director" only in the "Banking, Insurance, Finance" sector. Here is a full list of sector ID you can use to search within different sectors:

  • [1] - Accountancy
  • [2] - Aerospace
  • [3] - Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry
  • [33] - Apprenticeships
  • [4] - Banking, Insurance, Finance
  • [5] - Catering & Hospitality
  • [6] - Construction
  • [7] - Customer Services, Call Centres
  • [8] - Education
  • [9] - Electronics
  • [10] - Engineering, Manufacturing, Utilities
  • [34] - FMCG
  • [11] - Graduate
  • [12] - Health, Nursing
  • [13] -Human Resources
  • [14] - IT & Internet
  • [15] - Legal
  • [16] - Management Consultancy
  • [17] - Marketing, Advertising, PR
  • [18] - Media, New Media, Creative
  • [35] - Motoring, Automotive
  • [36] - Multilingual
  • [19] - Not for profit, Charities
  • [20] - Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy
  • [21] - Property
  • [22] - Public Sector Services
  • [37] - Purchasing
  • [23] - Recruitment
  • [24] - Retail, Wholesale
  • [25] - Sales
  • [26] - Science
  • [27] - Secretarial, PAs, Administration
  • [38] - Security & Safety
  • [28] - Senior Appointments
  • [29] - Social Services
  • [30] - Telecommunications
  • [39] - Training
  • [31] - Transport, Logistics
  • [32] - Travel, Leisure, Tourism

We are also working on many new features that will be added soon. If you have ideas you want to share with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch.